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What does your company look like in 5 years time? (Vision statements)

The key question that I ask clients is "What do you want your company to look like in 5 years time?". The description is then the picture or Vision of the company that becomes the overall objective from which I can develop strategies and implementation plans to enable the picture or Vision to achieve reality.

  I am a believer in the use of Vison statements rather than Mission statements.

In my experience, with both SMEs and larger companies, statements are made on websites,internal and external communications,etc.entitled Vision are often just an objective.

As in Managing Succcessful Programmes the Vision enables the Blueprint, how to achieve the Vison, to be developed. A Vision should be a word picture describing the company at a time in the future usually of a set period, say a year. This enables change within a company to be communicated with all having the same picture of the end game. Vision statements are, at least, half a page of A4 not a short sentence.

However, a Mission statement usually starts with To be the.........and is often short and often open to various interpretations by both those within a company and those outside, customers and stakeholders. A good Mission statement often identifies a set of metrics that a company wants to achieve, turnover, net profit no confusion as to what is required. Try producing a Vision and a Mission statement for your company.

We have been working with Brian Tipler since February 2014 as a business coach, helping and guiding us forward on a growth programme.

Brian has been a good influence on us and, with his logical thinking, discusses our plans and encourages us to make informed decisions based on facts and figures instead of feelings.

Lionel Patterson, Managing Director

PDS Hamiltons